Student Attendance Management System

Biometric tracking, Minimise teachers workload, Accurate attendance recording

Daily manually maintaining attendance is a mandatory task for every teacher, but because of its tiresome and time killing process, it indirectly impacts the productivity of the teachers. But with Fedena attendance management system, teachers can quickly and accurately record the attendance without putting much effort and at the same time can generate reports in a single click.
Features of Online Attendance System
Mark student absence for a half day or full day with/without reason in just a click.
Transfer attendance when shifting the students from one batch to another.
An administrator can generate an attendance report based on each subject.
A convenient way to track the attendance of students either subject wise or day wise.
Enable Custom Attendance to mark the attendance as late for the latecomers.
Record Attendance manually or through biometric device integration.
Using Biometric integration, to automatically marked the student attendance.
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